Cryptocoryne spiralis 'Tiger

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With 'Tiger' and 'Red', two pretty new forms of Cryptocoryne spiralis have entered the market via ADA few years ago. They are still rarely available in Europe. The Spiral water trumpet from southwestern India is an extremely polymorphic species, however the form 'Tiger' is unique. It resembles Cryptocoryne albida "Brown" but gets larger and grows faster. Its submerged leaves are very narrowly lanceolate with smooth to wavy edge, brown-red with dark "tiger stripes" that are more pronounced than in Cryptocoryne spiralis 'Red'. It also differs from the latter by wider, shorter, more spreading leaves under same growth conditions. Sometimes the midrib is vividly green, but less often than in 'Red'. In our aquariums, the 'Tiger' has formed nearly 30 cm long, 1,3 cm wide leaves but may become considerably taller.


As several other Cryptocoryne spiralis forms, 'Tiger' is apparently a quite easy aquarium plant. Nutrient-rich substrate and CO2 addition are very beneficial for its growth. It is not a low-light plant, the lighting should be at least moderate, and strong light enhances its showy coloration. With time, daughter rosettes appear at the base of the plant that develops a tuft with many leaves and strong roots. The daughter plants can be cut off for propagation. We have not yet noticed long runners in C. spiralis 'Tiger'.


Cryptocoryne spiralis 'Tiger' is an eye-catcher in not too small aquariums, best as a solitary bush in the midground. Its red-brown tones contrast well with light green plants